Supplier Spotlight: Vintage Hardwood Flooring

Keeping our clients informed on the sources of our products is one of our favorite ways to both remain transparent as a business and promote the best business practices in hardwood flooring. So far, our Supplier Spotlight series has covered many dedicated vendors including Wide Plank, Kentwood, and TORLYS. Next up is Toronto’s Vintage Hardwood Flooring!

Experience and Innovation

The growth and development of Vintage Hardwood Flooring as a company illustrates a history of experience from the ground up. Stepping into the business in 1989, Vintage worked tirelessly to earn the respect of clients across Ontario. After working with unfinished strip flooring for five years, Vintage began to supply material to a prefinishing company in 1994. With a move into the 70,000 square foot facility it now calls home, Vintage invested in only the most sophisticated prefinishing resources available, switching to exclusive manufacture of prefinished flooring material. In the years since, they’ve expanded to become one of North America’s top prefinished flooring suppliers.

Prefinished Floors for Any Interior

One of the first things you’ll notice about Vintage is the striking amount of variety among their selection. The product lines — Pioneered, Crafted, Solid Sawn, Northern Solid Sawn, and U-LOC — offer both domestic and exotic floors of varying grades and colors. Glue or nail-down applications are available, giving you the flexibility you need to complete your interior with exactly the tone and quality that you want. Their website will allow you to browse these selections and examine detailed specifications of each hardwood type to find the one that’s right for you, including maintenance tips and the levels of your home for which the flooring is suitable.

Naturally Green

Like many of our suppliers, a big part of Vintage Hardwood’s commitment to great service is an understanding of eco-friendly material sourcing. Their Pioneered product line offers a beautiful selection of FSC-certified maple and red oak. From vibrant rustic tones like the Maple Vienna or Morocco to the darker hues of the Red Oak Pewter or Cocoa, Vintage is able to provide its retailers with flooring types to match all tastes without compromising the health of our forests. For their unshakable commitment to quality and integrity, we stand by Vintage Hardwood Flooring!

If you’re looking for a beautiful prefinished floor to complete your home, call us at (403) 255-7791 to find out which Vintage products we can provide for you!

Client Testimonials

Hi Rod: As you know we had a delivery disaster when the movers moved in an appliance. Much to our horror we had damage to the flooring that Smith Bros had installed in December of 2012. The floors are just 2 years old. The type of wood has been discontinued and the option for replacement of the nosing on the stairs not possible. I found online some nosing of the same type of wood but a different shaping to the nosing. Rod came and talked me thru the situation, and as he was the only person…
Kim and Neil Beckett, Calgary