Key Associations: The NWFA

In addition to doing business with only the best suppliers in the industry, Smith Bros. is proud to be affiliated some of the most reputable flooring, building, and hardwood associations in North America. For this week’s blog, we’d like to introduce you to the National Wood Flooring Association, a leading non-profit organization in our trade!

Who They Are

The National Wood Flooring association works to foster unity, collaboration, and promotion between professionals and businesses in wood flooring all across North America. They represent everyone from manufacturers and distributors to retailers and consultants. As such, the NWFA is recognized as one of the largest associations in wood flooring, distinguished by their focus on a wide range of efforts in helping their members both succeed and uphold the highest economic and environmental standards.

What They Stand For

What sets the NWFA apart as a trade association is their involvement in several different interests that drive our industry forward. These include education, research, certification, environmental advocacy, and beyond. The non-profit Education and Research Foundation, for instance, selects and funds research and education projects that are aimed toward improving supply chain efficiency and awareness. Their NOFMA standards program has served as one of wood flooring’s most respected quality certifications for over a century. When it comes to environmental standards, the NWFA’s Responsible Procurement Program provides participating professionals and businesses with a firm and innovative framework for environmentally and socially responsible forestry.

What It Means to Be a Member

As a member of the NWFA, Smith Bros. is pleased to be at the forefront of the industry, adhering to the most up-to-date standards of integrity and responsibility. The right certifications can make all the difference as we work to perfect our craft. At the end of the day it all goes toward providing our clients with the highest quality service and expertise available. From industry connections to the latest insights into how our trade is advancing every day, being part of this pioneering association ensures that we can offer you only the best experience in enhancing the floors of your beautiful home!

Have questions regarding our certifications and associations? The Smith Bros. team is all about honesty! Call us at (403) 255-7791 today to learn more about how we strive to serve you best!

Client Testimonials

Linda and I wanted to thank you for the excellentjob you and your colleagues did in refinishing our hardwood Íloors. As you know, We have a lot of hardwood and dreaded the thought of refìnishing it. To our pleasant surprise, your dustless sanding system was extremely effective and We had virtually no dust in the house whatsoever. Your crews were very courteous and stuck religiously to the schedule you had laid out for us before the work began. The finished product looks wonderful and We couldn…
Jim & Linda Brown, Calgary